The riot wall system is an advance mobility people management system, the unit is driven by either a remote bobcat or a camera-assisted driver, the bobcat is encapsulated, to protect the driver from any type of assault, the riot wall is a system to deliver fast effective crowd management. Riot walls are fast effective riot control.

The wall expands in both directions and runs 4 tear gas and pepper spray cannons, firing a distance of 20 meters, the centre console rises above the walls allowing manpower an elevated advantage, and can have a water canon fitted as an optional extra, the riot wall will block any road fast and effective, the system has fire suppression systems built-in. In this way it can handle any type of petrol bomb or another flammable projectile, protect the police behind the wall is key in any riot situation when you a have angry crowd, the wall is robust and can hassle multiple strikes and can suppress a crowd of hundreds of people.


  1. Weight Total (kg) 6 500
  2. Weight of Mover (kg) 5 000
  3. Weight of Shield (kg) 1 500
  4. Length Total 4 200 (mm) 4 200
  5. Length of Mover (mm) 2 800
  6. Length of Shield (mm) 1 150
  7. Height of Mover (mm) 2 150
  8. Max Height of Shield (mm) 3 050
  9. Max Height of Shield with Platform (mm) 4 350
  10. Width of Mover 1 875 (mm) 1 875
  11. Min Width of Shield 4 900 (mm) 4 900
  12. Max Width of Shield (mm) 8 000
  13. Width of Shield / 6 450 mm Single Wing Spread (mm) 6 450