Rapid Deployment System
Razor wire rapid deployment barriers
Concertina razor wire barriers with stretched cable

Mobile Rapid Deployment Barriers

RAPID DEPLOYMENT BARRIERS are designed to provide rapid security fence protection to effectively prevent intrusion.

75 — 1000 meter barriers of razor wire coils can be deployed in seconds for crowd riot control, unrest situations, in police and military operations.


Barriers are constructed of barbed tape concertina separated with high tensile anti-tangle strut wires and supplied in 75 — 100-meter lengths which are compressed into compact modules. Each module is supplied with 2 handling frames and connection fixtures, simple to handle and stored. Mobile razor wire security barriers are fully reusable.

Concertina razor wire mobile barriers barbed tape blade profile
Barbed tape blade profile
Concertina razor wire mobile barriers short tape blade profile
Short tape blade profile
Concertina razor wire mobile barriers long tape blade profile
Long tape blade profile